The Changing Landscape for Real Estate Agents

Leaders from across the housing industry provided commentary on how real estate agents can adapt and change their strategies amidst COVID-19 in a recent article from Forbes. Ed Delgado, Five Star’s President and CEO, was featured in the piece and discussed how agents need to present homebuying as an investment. “Agents have the responsibility to understand [...]

Reviewing the State of Mortgage Servicing

The entire world is being hit by the COVID-10 pandemic, and with many out of work, the real estate industry is being hit. In a recent webinar, Five Star Global President and CEO Ed Delgado gave a "state of the industry" update on sales and home price trends, forbearances, and the REO market. Using data [...]

Growing Importance of Real Estate Agents During Pandemic

Nearly half of consumers polled in a new survey said having a professional on hand was vital during this period. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) found in a new survey that 65% of potential buyers who attended an open house within this past year felt comfortable enough with the safety precautions taken to say that they would [...]