Frequently Asked Questions




What is the FORCE’s application process?

The application process for the FORCE includes E&O insurance verification and Residential Real Estate License verification. This is to ensure that we mirror our reputation of elite REO brokers/agents.


What areas are within the FORCE network?

The FORCE accepts agents from all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Our national membership group is represented in every major population center.


What type of networking opportunities does the FORCE provide?

FORCE membership grants exclusive access to private Five Star Conference events including the FORCE Rally, FORCE Happy Hour, and more, but members are also provided opportunities year round through Five Star events, as well as expertly taught webinars, newsletter coverage and spotlights, and special invitations and discounts from partners of the FORCE.


Work Assignment Program


How are the agents that are referred for assignments chosen?

Agents are chosen through multiple parameters including but not limited to proximity to the assignment.


What partners work within the FORCE Work Assignment Program?

The FORCE is currently working with several banks, non-banks, and institutional investors that wish to keep their identity withheld until the date of agreement.


Why must I be a FORCE agent to participate in the Work Assignment Program?

Our referral partners rely on the FORCE’s extensive vetting process to establish relationships with agents that meet their requirements.


Do I have to pay for assignments?

No. The FORCE membership fee covers your participation in the Work Assignment Program. The program is an extension of the membership. Since the program is not a benefit, there is no cost for participating.


I am a new member. When can I expect my first listing?

As a facilitator for our referral partners, we can in no way guarantee listings. We are simply a conduit of communication between institutions and our agent/broker network.

 How can I receive assignment referrals from the FORCE?

As the FORCE receives new assignments, they are posted to, and alerts are sent out to our members through email and texts. When you see a zip code within an area your office services, call or email the FORCE team to receive information on the assignment.

Advisory Council


How can I be part of the Advisory Council?

The FORCE holds Council elections every two-three years. At that time, anyone in good current standing and with three years in FORCE can apply to join the Advisory Council.


Who decides who is on the Council?

Council members are chosen through a simple majority vote of the membership at large.


Is there an extra fee to be part of the Council?

No. There is no fee or compensation for holding a position on the D&I Council.


Diversity and Inclusion Council


How can I be part of the Diversity and Inclusion Council?

The FORCE holds open elections every two years at which time any FORCE member in good standing and with three years in the FORCE can be considered for the Diversity and Inclusion Council and its subsidiary groups.