Advisory Council Insights

Luis Guzman, Broker/Owner of Continental Realtors, shares his advice for agents new to the REO market. He says education and attention to detail will be instrumental to your success. Getting Started in REO REOs are handled differently than traditional sales and require much more of us than expected. Prepare to succeed by educating yourself—this way [...]

The Importance of Networking

Terry Rasner-Yacenda, Broker/Owner of Reno/Tahoe Realty Group, shares her insights on the importance of networking in obtaining new clients. She also discusses the best approaches for applying to new company networks. The Importance of Networking in Obtaining REO Accounts Networking truly is the lifeline of your business. Without it, you’ll never secure the connections you [...]

Expanding Your Business Into New Markets

We spoke with Steve Pagano, Broker/Owner of Pagano Properties, about his suggestions for working with buyer’s agents and directly with the banks. Pagano also tells us how to succeed when expanding your business into new markets. How to Best Work with Lenders and Buyer Agents For REO listing agents, it is sometimes said the difference [...]

Diversifying When REO Inventory Is Low

Jim Hastings, Advisory Council Vice Chair and Broker/Owner of Hastings Brokerage, tells us how members can supplement their income through diversification when REO inventories are low. Read on to see which three services he suggests you add to your portfolio today. Short Sales A short sale refers to the sale of a real estate asset [...]

How to Grow Your Business

Nancy Braun, Advisory Council Chairperson and Broker/Owner of Showcase Realty, shares best practices and advice for running a growing business. Her recommendations will help you reduce liability and support the expansion of your company. Preventative Industry Practices to Keep You Out of Court Running a small business is more than bringing in the business—owners are [...]