REO Horror Stories

You never know what lies behind the walls of an REO property. Two members of the FORCE detail their experiences in this unique market. “It’s Halloween. Everyone’s entitled to one good scare.” This memorable quote from 1978’s horror masterpiece “Halloween” rings true on this celebration of the ghostly and macabre. While many real estate agents [...]

REO Horror Stories, Or Is This Really My Life?

FORCE Member Carmen Quinn, Premier Properties & Associates, Inc., shares some of her memorable experiences from the REO trenches. Panic, sweaty hands, throbbing temples, thoughts of, “Why is this happening to me?”—I know we all have a horror story or two from our careers in REO. I would like to share with you three of [...]

When Agents Pay for Leads

A look at Zillow Premier Agent and whether it’s worth the cost Real estate agents work tirelessly to capture and nurture leads. Zillow promises to deliver leads to agents for a fee through its Zillow Premier Agent program. As the largest real estate search engine with 188 million visitors per month, the program sounds enticing, [...]

Brand Yourself for Achievement

Leveraging your brand to win awards and recognition. Real estate agents hoping to gain recognition among their peers and their communities can leverage their brands to help them win reputable awards that show others their value and reputability. One way to gain recognition and win awards in real estate is to be a top producer. [...]