Agent Growth: Building Trust

FORCE members have demonstrated boundless dedication to their clients and the industry by participating in continuing education and going above and beyond to serve their clients and their field. Unfortunately, many Americans may not view real estate agents as a trustworthy group, according to a survey by Choice Home Warranty, which reported 67.5 percent of [...]

Agent Growth: Sidestep These Missteps

Learn from fellow FORCE agents, who are willing to share their wisdom to help new members avoid business blunders.  It is said that, “Wise men learn from their mistakes, but wiser men learn from the mistakes of others.” For agents who are wise enough to learn from the mistakes of others, we asked a few [...]

REO Agent Growth—REO Horror Stories

All REO agents strive to close their sales in the most seamless manner possible, but sometimes even the best efforts can’t save a REO deal, where everything that can go wrong does. This month, we reached out to some REO veterans for their REO agents horror stories and listened in awe as they described how they handled some of the trickiest jobs around.