REO to SFR: Not Such A Big Transition

For REO agents, business diversification is no new concept. As the housing market stabilizes, and REO numbers dwindle to less than 400,000 nationwide, agents are again looking for new outlets of income. Coming as no surprise to some, skyrocketing home prices joined with a struggling job market and new generation of homebuyers, has led to an exploding single-family rental sector. According to Pro Teck Valuation Services, [...]

Ways to Balance Your REO Business with Real Estate Investors

If you’re looking to enhance your business, it may be a great time to cultivate your buyer-side business—specifically, your investor-buyer business.   By FORCE member Steve Rivkin, Planet Realty, New Haven, Connecticut   FORCE agents are typically looking for new ways to grow their REO listing business; that is a logical and obvious place to [...]