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Loan Education: Loan Processing & Pre-Qualification

FORCE member Michael Friedman leads this webinar to educate members on loan processing and pre-qualification. Knowledge of every part of the default industry makes an REO agent as effective as possible. Whether you need a refresher or are just getting into REO, Michael will make sure you have the information you need. Covering Credit, Income and Property Pre-Qualifications, DU vs LP, Manual UW vs AUS and what to do if you’re in escrow and it all falls apart. 

Date & Time: Wednesday, August 16 | 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. CT

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Recent Webinars

Squatter Solutions

Squatters can cause a range of issues that can increase costs and reduce property values. Be aware of the risks associated with squatters and take appropriate measures to address the problem. Join us and learn the legal considerations, proper safety precautions and prevention strategies to protect the property and the interests of your client.


Market Update with Jim Hastings

Jim Hastings will be giving us a live update of the REO Market. Join us for an inside look at what the future looks like for the REO Market.


Intro to REO

Jennifer Kuhn of JLK Sales Group presents Intro to REO. Learn the ropes from an experienced and busy REO professional. Come learn from one of the most requested REO agents in New Jersey.

The Distinctions of Reverse Mortgage REO

Reverse Mortgages are a growing portion of the default servicing industry. Gaining knowledge in the differences and requirements of Reverse Mortgages will help you expand your influence and reach. Learn what you need to know from a broker experienced in Reverse Mortgage REO.

How to Build a Resume

A solid REO resume will help you gain a foot in the door with vendor managers. We will give you an outline for a great resume and show you how to fill it with the right information.

Products You Need to Know About

Join this Master Mind style webinar, to learn about products that will elevate your listings, ease your workload, and help protect your business.

Asset Managers’ Dos and Don’ts

Hear directly from asset managers about what makes a great REO agent, the kind that they want to work with for years to come. And you will learn which “don’ts” can ruin your reputation. This will be a conversation that you don’t want to miss.

REO Tasks & Expense Tracking Simplified – Technology and Systems REO Agents can use

Not having the right tools to track tasks and expenses can take an REO listing from a win to a loss. Thankfully, there are tools out there than can help you protect your REO income. Hear from our expert panel about some software and tricks that will ensure effective, efficient systems for your REO sales. This topic is especially timely as you prepare for the increase of business that is inevitable. Find out how to get processes in place to start making your business seamless and more fruitful as possible.

State of the Industry Address

In this exclusive State of the Industry Address, Ed Delgado, President & CEO of Five Star Global, delivers the latest insights for the market in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Do not miss your opportunity to hear this deep-dive into current economic conditions, insights on what’s to come, and key takeaways for your business to navigate the road ahead.

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Agents Helping Agents: Communicating Your Value to Prospective Clients


The Surviving Agent: How to be Successful in the REO Market


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