California-based US Real Estate Services, Inc. (USRES), provider of default management and portfolio services, announced today that Garrett Mays has been promoted to VP of Valuations and Vendor Management. Mays oversees the daily operations of the valuation department and manages the company’s business partner networks. He joined the company more than 12 years ago and has held numerous positions with varying responsibilities.

Keith Guenther, CEO, USRES, said, “Garrett has contributed a wealth of information, knowledge and new innovative ideas as an operational leader at USRES. His highly evolved perspective on operational functionality has enabled USRES to develop extremely effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs. While having innate leadership qualities, Garrett takes every opportunity to learn new techniques and strategies to improve the quality of production and the overall positive company culture.”

Over the past year, Mays’ leadership was critical in seeing the operational transition through many significant company-wide initiatives including a seamless transition of operations to remote work due to the pandemic. He spearheaded the reinvention of the company’s valuation services division by de-centralizing the operational structure and creating specialized programs to suit each individual clients’ requirements. Championing these types of pilot programs enabled Mays to improve the company’s valuation product margin by more than 37%.

Mays said, “It is rewarding to work for a company with staying power like USRES. As we approach our 30th year of serving the industry our success has been predicated by understanding and valuing our clients as the foundation of our business. We have established a high standard of service within our company consistently delivering a 95% resolution rate when issues arise. I am proud to work in such a positive workplace culture that encourages those to succeed and be the best that they can be.”

Founded in 1991, USRES provides financial support services for the purpose of valuation and disposition of distressed real estate assets. For more information about USRES, visit