Want to know what our members think about us? We do too. Read on to find out what members have to say about the FORCE.

The Five Star Conference is the only conference I attend year after year without fail! I gained a new client that assigned an asset to us while at this conference before I even returned home! I attribute the bulk of my current success directly to my FORCE membership.

Dawn Doleh

Russell Real Estate Services

Being a part of the FORCE makes me feel like one of the cool kids, so thank you for what you do.

Chip Wilson

Garibaldi Realty

Your recent calls prompted me to sign up for Equator and implement your discount. This came at the best time ever and saved me so much time and money. Thank you Five Star for reaching out to me. I feel like I’m headed in the right direction.

Barbara Kuzma

Kuzma Success Realty

This is my second year as a member. Your newsletter topics are great, and you have these educational webinars. I’m very happy with the Five Star FORCE.

Nicholas Verdi

Option 1 Realty Group

You’ve had quite a bit of extensive training or you wouldn’t be a FORCE member to begin with, we know that.

Tami Carter

Residential Recovery Partners

This webinar and others that my staff and I have attended are a beneficial service for you to provide. Continue the good work.

Wayne Flanagan

Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage