Want to know what our members think about us? We do too. Read on to find out what members have to say about the FORCE.

My FORCE membership is a critical part of my REO business. I have gained so much from attending the conferences, which are always professionally produced and filled with information and valuable networking opportunities. The education is on point with today’s market and tomorrow’s forecasts. Not only am I able to provide excellent service to my asset managers because of this relationship, but I continue to meet more of them through the many clients the FORCE has on board.

Adrienne Meijer

Meijer Real Estate

The Work Assignment Program is a great value to get listings from the affiliated FORCE asset management companies. This is a strong pipeline for business and demonstrates how my team can handle the work and secure the highest price in the least amount of time.

Michael Santangelo

Robert Defalco Realty

The Five Star Conference is the largest conference I attend, year after year, without fail, and I have also sent my staff. Thanks to my attendance at the 2019 convention, I recently gained a new client that assigned assets both last quarter and in Q1 2020.

Steve Meeker

Meeker Real Estate, Inc.

I have been an REO agent since 1993, and I attended the Five Star Conference for the first time in 2019. This event generated new clients that assigned assets to us before I had even returned home. My new assignments also doubled directly from my FORCE membership.

Thomas Bohlmann

Bohlmann Realty Group

I’ve been attending the Five Star Conference since its inception, and I could not recommend it more. I go every year with my team, Icon Properties, and we enjoy both the networking and the education opportunities. I gained my first client after attending and have built an incredible REO career from there—strongly recommend! If anyone is thinking of going, I would jump at the chance and hope to see you there.

Raquel Fernandez

Icon Properties

The Five Star Conference gave me the tools to capture the attention of the asset managers. They want to work with qualified brokers who understand the keys to a successful liquidation of real estate assets.

Laura Chaney

Chaney Realty

This is my second year as a member. Your topics are so much better now, and you have these educational webinars. I’m very happy with the Five Star FORCE.

Nicholas Verdi

Option 1 Realty Group

Being a part of the FORCE makes me feel like one of the cool kids, so thank you for what you do.

Chip Wilson

Garibaldi Realty

Thank you for taking the time to get me on this webinar today. I felt it was very well designed and the speakers really knew their topics. The Five Star always comes through.

Philip Boroda

Coldwell Banker

The “How to be a Successful Agent” webinar and update went well from my perspective. It was informative, clear, and concise as to what as needed to be done as an agent. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and I was able to easily register online.

Michael Perry

Heritage REI

The most important reason to never miss Five Star Conference is because you learn so much while sharing solutions to similar challenges.

Hugh Morrow

RE/MAX Preferred of Alabama

One of the highlights for me this year was attending the Five Star Conference in Dallas in September. The Five Star is literally ‘the FORCE’ that drives your business. There is a wealth of experience in these rooms that you will not find anywhere else.

Steve Pagano

First Hawaiian Realty

As an Advisory Council member, I can say this business is continually evolving. We are constantly evaluating new ways to provide the best client experience, services at the lowest possible cost, and the quickest turn times. We are also always looking to partner with others who can assist us in providing maximum value to our clients. New agents are the lifeblood of any brokerage, and making sure they get the training and understanding of this unique segment of our industry is crucial to their success and ours. I look forward to seeing many agents use Five Star Academy as a resource.

Steve Pagano

First Hawaiian Realty

With all the Conferences I attend each year, the Five Star Conference is by far the best. It features abundant networking opportunities for the attendees and an educational atmosphere. The people are also wonderful and the food is Amazing. The FORCE brings all of us together, and the relationships we make are so valuable, it’s worth going to each year.

Philip Boroda

Coldwell Banker

The Five Star Conference is the only REO Conference I attend yearly. I gain useful knowledge from the resources presented that have helped me build my REO business. I have personally met with asset managers and vendors at the conference, giving them a face with my name and keeping myself front and center in their minds. I attribute the bulk of my current success directly to my FORCE membership.

Vera Caldwell

RE/MAX United

I’m only in the REO business because of the FORCE Network. It all started with a Five Star Conference, and it brought me two clients afterwards that opened the doors for me. Now I’ve built an extraordinary experience with the business and I continue to grow professionally from the group’s educational opportunities. If you want to conquer the distressed market industry, you have to use the FORCE as a resource.

John Lajara

RE/MAX in the City