Ensure you’re accessing all the benefits your FORCE membership provides.

The real estate industry is in a constant state of change. From new technology to new regulations and shifting trends in the market, it is vital that agents remain up-to-date on industry activity. The best way to stay ahead of the curve—the FORCE.

The FORCE offers its members numerous ways to stay informed and educated about news surrounding the industry and how it could impact your bottom line.

1. Five Star Conference and Expo
The annual Five Star Conference and Expo is Five Star Global’s flagship event, scheduled for September 13-15 this year at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas. Thousands of industry leaders will converge in the Lone Star State to participate in Five Star’s informative panels, educational discussions, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Ryan Knab, Sales Associate with Coldwell Banker in New Jersey, said he attended the Five Star Conference for the first time in 2019 after being featured in the REO Red Book.

“[The ad] was acknowledged at the conference by complete strangers, people in the industry who I hadn’t met or worked with, asset managers, and some companies who had worked with me, but who had never really seen my face,” Knab said. “It was just a great tool and a great piece to get name recognition out there.”

Knab said he took full advantage of the FORCE Rally, networking session, and private events offered to members.

“It’s a huge jump but absolutely worth it, and really well done,” he said. “It was a nice layout, easy to navigate. The staff was extremely helpful. I was a rookie, so I simply asked what I should do, where I should go, and everybody pointed me in the right direction.”

The connections he made at the conference led him to becoming a registered Xome agent for northern New Jersey.

“For my business and for what I’m trying to do and the direction I’m trying to take it, I thought it was extremely effective and I’m very happy with the results,” Knab said.

Michael Santangelo, Director, REO Division and Shore Sale for Robert DeFalco Realty, said
making the trip to Dallas is always beneficial.

“Every year when I come down, I try and get more business. This past year was very successful for me as I have added a couple of new asset management companies to work with by just working the conference,” Santangelo said. “I also came back with an attitude that I sell real estate REO and nothing but 100% is expected from me and my staff.”

Knab said his business has increased following the conference, adding that it has “put me on a bigger platform,” as he is now investing and buying REOs with partners.

“We’re financing it through some of the things we learned at the conference,” Knab said. “I came back with a new idea on how to grow our business. Right now, we’re driving biscuit wheels through gravy.”

2. FORCE Webinars
FORCE also offers a regular slate of complimentary educational webinars. FORCE members can watch the presentations live or access them through the FORCE website.

Santangelo called the webinars “informative” and said they have “moved our REO business to the next level.”

“I try to get on every webinar I can,” Knab said.

“The webinars are great because people are telling you what they’re trying to do for their businesses, and sometimes when the clients are telling you what they expect as a business, it’s just a simple application,” Knab said. “I’m using a tech tool now that I learned through a webinar that works, and I’m finding that a lot of asset managers really liked it.

“I learned that just by listening to what somebody else was doing on one of the webinars,” he added.

FORCE Work Assignment Program
This program is available for all qualified FORCE members and is a partnership with various organizations that are in need of residential real estate agents and brokerage firms.

FORCE members can benefit from the partnership, which may include but are not limited to REO listings, short sale, deed in lieu, valuation, and market analysis.

“I’ve gotten some new work assignments, and one of them was from Altisource,” Knab said. “They said because they had met me at the conference and through the REO Red Book that I’m on their radar now.”

Santangelo said getting listings from the program provides real value. “This is a great way of getting business and showing how my team can handle the work, and how good we are at getting the highest price in the least amount of time,” he added.

3. DS News Subscription
A subscription to DS News—the leader in default servicing news—is included in each FORCE membership.

“This is a great place for information on the default business and also another way of advertising,” Santangelo said.

Knab said both advertising and submitting articles to DS News is a “viable way” to seek out new business and reach out to people who aren’t in your market area.

FORCE Quarterly Newsletter
The newsletter helps drive communication from the FORCE to all of its membership about what is happening in various parts of the country, and is an effective way of sharing professional insights, organizational announcements, and new ideas.

To learn more about joining the FORCE or getting more involved, contact annie.collier@thefivestar. com.