Being a part of the FORCE gives you unrivaled access to information, education, and exposure throughout the default servicing industry. Whether new to the FORCE or a member since its initiation, make sure you are aware of the full scope of your benefits to make sure you are harnessing the power of your FORCE membership to its full extent.

FORCE member benefits are many, and they fall into five main categories.


The FORCE is in constant contact with members through social media, quarterly newsletters, blog posts, educational webinars, email updates, text messages, and subscriptions to DS News magazine.

You can find the FORCE on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Across all platforms, the FORCE posts industry updates, links to industry news, and tips and announcements for members.

Facebook has served as an invaluable platform for FORCE members. We’ve set up a private forum, where members can share their own insights, ask questions, and connect with fellow members.

As a FORCE member, the latest market insights, compliance issues, best practices, and useful marketing tips are always at your fingertips.


As you know, FORCE members are required to undergo annual national background checks and submit several verifications, including:

  • Residential real estate license verification
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance verification
  • Name and Address Identifier verification
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act verification
  • Ethical Conduct Expectations

FORCE members must also have at least three years of real estate experience or have sold at least 100 REO properties during their career.

Since the FORCE requires members to keep all of these verifications current, your FORCE membership serves as a stamp of approval to industry partners. They know that you have been fully vetted and are experienced in your field.


Not only does the FORCE offer constant communication about industry happenings and tips for success, but also the FORCE delivers additional educational opportunities to its members.

The FORCE Webinar Series gives you an opportunity to hear directly from expert industry participants about market trends, best practices, new technologies, and more. Following the presentations, the host usually accepts questions from the webinar participants. After the event, the presenter receives a list of all webinar participants and their contact information.

If you can’t attend a webinar at the specified time, you can review the presentation later by viewing the Webinar Archives on the FORCE website.


As a focus on diversity and inclusion takes an increasingly prominent position in the housing industry, the FORCE aims to provide an inclusive and diverse membership and to facilitate conversation and action through its Diversity and Inclusion Affinity Groups.

The FORCE also works continuously on behalf of its members to create partnerships with organizations seeking experienced REO agents and brokers. The FORCE Work Assignment Program connects agents and brokers with potential clients in need of REO, short sale, and deed-in-lieu services, as well as valuations and market analysis. For more information and to check for current assignments, you can view the FORCE Work Assignment Program online.


In addition to the potential to find assignments directly through the FORCE Assignment Program, the FORCE provides exposure for its members in numerous ways in order to help you gain connections and grow your business.

One important benefit of FORCE membership is inclusion in the REO Red Book, the official FORCE member directory and the go-to source for professionals seeking qualified agents and brokers. The REO Red Book is printed annually and distributed directly to participants across the industry. It is also presented and available at major industry events such as the Five Star Conference and Expo each fall. Additionally, the REO Red Book is available and updated year-round online at

FORCE members can also benefit greatly from in-person exposure at the annual FORCE Rally held in conjunction with the Five Star Conference and Expo each fall. The FORCE Rally includes educational presentations and keynotes followed by a Power Hour of networking with professionals who are looking to grow their network of agents and brokers. After the Power Hour, you can continue to socialize and network in a relaxed setting during the after party. The FORCE Rally is a unique opportunity and is open only to members and their counterparts in the industry.

The FORCE can also help you to market your own business with the help of complimentary marketing materials and through sponsorship and authorship opportunities. The FORCE blog and newsletter regularly feature FORCE members and welcome member contributions.

The FORCE also forges partnerships across the industry on behalf of its members. For example, FORCE members are eligible for a 15 percent discount on SympleTrack, a platform built for agents and brokers to track and manage their tasks. FORCE members also receive 10 percent off on Broker Brain, and asset management system built to track and organize tasks.