Often, you may think of saying “thank you” as just another box to check on your to-do list. However, homebuyer clients are more than a source of business—they’re the foundation of the entire residential real estate industry.

The art of showing gratitude can mean the difference between just a warm handshake or building a solid referral base for years to come. When you’re ready to say thank you at the end of a transaction, the following ideas can make you and your business memorable in all the right ways.

Be Pleasantly Personal
You and your clients have learned a lot about each other during the transaction process. If you’ve been attentive and done your homework, you may know their favorite vacation spot, preferred wine, decorating style, hobbies and interests, and much more. Keep these in mind when choosing a post-closing gift; your personal attention and memory for details could be a factor in future referrals.

Heartfelt, Handwritten Wishes
In the modern business atmosphere, communications are often more casual than they were in the past. Still, it’s as important to be professional as it is to be warm and friendly.

Emails and pre-printed stationery might be sensible for a quick hello, but they just aren’t sufficient for thanking people who have trusted you with helping them buy a home. A note or letter, written in your own hand, will be particularly meaningful when it arrives with a carefully selected gift.

Give Personalized Home Gifts
Your clients will be more than ready to make their new place truly feel like home. You can lend a hand when you order a custom décor gift (or a few, delivered at intervals throughout the year) with the residents’ names. Options abound, from signage to kitchenware and wall art to photo frames, in every style and budget.

Hire a Cleaning Crew for Move-In
Every client will want their new home neat as a pin, which can be a challenge for traditional and REO sales alike. Contact a maid or make-ready service to give your buyers the gift of a clean space, which they’ll truly appreciate at the end of a hectic move.

Share Something Delicious
Move-in week is always chaotic, but new homeowners still need to eat. Have a family-sized meal delivered on day one, or give them a gift certificate for grocery delivery. You can also choose beautifully packed sweet and savory snack boxes or even a food-of-the-month gift.

Use or Promote Their Business or Company
They put their trust in you to deliver a successful transaction—so returning the favor is a sensible way to say thanks. If your client has a business or works for a company whose services you can employ, consider utilizing them; you can also promote them through referrals or social media, if appropriate.

Give Them a Night Out
Busy people who’ve just bought a home deserve a chance to relax, particularly when they’re adjusting to a new city. Offer a gift of dinner and a movie or tickets to a local event; help them find a trustworthy sitter for children or pets if needed.

Support a Beloved Charity
You learn a great deal about clients during a transaction, including what causes inspire their passionate support. Consider a donation in their honor to a charity they find meaningful. It’s a gesture that demonstrates care for the business relationship you’ve built togetether—and a gift they won’t soon forget.