There are dozens of mobile real estate apps available on Apple, Android, and Windows platforms. A simple search in an app store can reveal all of them to you instantly, but which ones should you use?

We have reached out to FORCE members to see if they have entered the mobile real estate app world, what apps are their favorites, and what they would like to see in the future.


  1. Homesnap
  2. SentriSmart
  3. ZipForm
  4. Docusign
  5. Homepass

Embracing New Tech

The majority of FORCE members are embracing the use of real estate apps on a daily basis.

“I absolutely love my real estate apps,” LaCrisha Butler of The Butler Group @ Independent Realty in Washington, D.C., said. “I have an iPhone so all my apps are available on the Apple app store. I use Homesnap Pro, MRIS Close It, SentriSmart, ZipForm, and DocuSign. I can do everything on my phone. It’s my appendage,” she laughs.


Alternatives to Real Estate Apps

Still others prefer to engage with technology in different ways, like using laptops to bring tech into the field.

Tim Shea, one of North America’s top real estate agents working for Berkshire Hathaway in Florida stays loyal to his tried and trusted technology.

“There are a ton of applications out there, primarily with REO properties. Right now I don’t have a use for them. I prefer to use my laptop,” he says. A 14-year veteran in the industry, Shea explains that if some factors change, then he will consider using them.

“For me, mastering the apps is too time consuming and I really don’t like using the small screen of a phone. But, if this were to change, I would consider using them,” says Shea.

He jokingly added, “I think it’s true if you don’t change with the time, you’ll be left behind. If only I was like my 15 year old son. He picks up technology so fast. I wish the apps were easier to work for older agents like me.”

For those like Shea, the use of real estate apps is inevitable, and will soon become part of their arsenal with a few minor fixes.


The Top Contenders

When asked about her favorite real estate apps, Butler was quick to name Homesnap Pro. “It’s amazing. I was walking out of an apartment the other night and I saw a property I was interested in, I pulled up the app on my phone and framed the home with the camera. Bam! It instantly told me the listing price, pulled up photos, and other useful information.”

Butler continued, “The neat thing about Homesnap is that it’s available to both consumers and agents. We can get the Pro version that has even more features. Another great feature is that it uses your current location. You can walk into a house and it automatically give you a valuation.”

Kathy Cross, of Imagine Real Estate in Washington, relies primarily on two real estate apps.

“My favorite apps to use are Northwest MLS and Homepass. I use them all the time to access homes, look at listings, and get information in an instant,” says Cross.

She added, “These are my favorite apps because they are easy to use, they increase your efficiency and productivity, and they enhance your business. What’s not to like about that?”


What’s Next for Real Estate Apps?

Although app stores are flooded with real estate apps, FORCE members would like to see even more.

Travis Cox, a veteran agent for Associated Brokers & Consultants in Colorado, is familiar with popular apps like Trulia, Homes.com, and countless others, but is looking to an even brighter future in the real estate market.

Travis says, “RES.NET is a huge REO platform used by many agents across the country. Everything I do is through RES.NET. It would be nice if they created a mobile app for us.”

Cox excitingly explains, “They used to have an iPhone app at one point, but I’ve been a loyal Android guy since 2009. I waited for an Android version, but it was never made. I think a RES.NET app would be fantastic.”

When asked about what else is on his wish list, Cox had his fellow companions in the industry in mind.

“In my mind, most real estate apps are for consumers, not agents. I don’t think there is much we can do with them. I would love an app where we could communicate with clients and companies, and even present offers easily. I care about apps for agents most importantly,” says Cox.