No More Agent Listing with Trulia or Zillow

Zillow Group subsidiaries, Zillow and Trulia, announced in February that they will no longer allow manual listing posts by agents beginning May 1, 2017. In order to promote accuracy and timeliness within the Zillow and Trulia sites, MLS sites and brokerages will be required to send the listings directly to Zillow Group, which will then post them.

Zillow advises agents to check with their MLS listing site to ensure there is a direct feed to the platforms by visiting the Zillow Group’s MLS checker site, found at MLS-Checker/. If there is a direct feed available, Zillow Group team members will be able to work with agents to keep their listings active. If an agent’s feed is not available, Zillow Group also offers free feeds.

This change will not affect other types of listings, including “For Sale By Owner,” “Coming Soon,” and “Make Me Move.”


The Final Updates to TRID’s UCD

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac released what are expected to be the final specification updates for the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) digital file format for the TRID disclosure form in February.

The updates were to correct multiple issues with the form, including repairing data points that could cause the form’s file import to fail. Also among the updates was added information to delivery notes for greater clarity on specific data points within the document. Appendices A and B, which concern the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization’s reference model for disclosure mapping, were removed with further advice for users to refer to Appendices H and I, which detail UCD delivery. The appendices about UCD sample cases and sample XML files were also updated.

The GSEs announced last September that the UCD would be required for all loans that are delivered after September 25, 2017. On this date, only the closing disclosure and borrower data will be required. Seller data will not be required until 2018.