We highly admire passion for the industry at the FORCE. Whether you are just beginning or a veteran with years of experience; having a positive outlook on your job can help accomplish your goals. Sharon Holt proudly explains how she has maintained success for decades.

Source: Sharon Holt, Sydney Davis Realty in Florida, 904.568.7674

Decades in the Making: Veteran Real Estate Pro Sharon Holt Describes How She Maintains Her Passion for the Industry

In today’s evolving world, it seems the majority of people have different careers in various fields throughout their lifetime. With a constantly changing economy and job market, it is rare to speak to individuals who have worked in the same business for decades.

Whether they become bored within their field of work, or if other circumstances push them to different industries, there are usually specific reasons why they pursued other careers.

Some individuals, like one of our very own FORCE members, Sharon Holt, stick to their tried and trusted industry, and maintain the same passion for the job as the day they started.

In fact, Holt, a veteran agent with decades of experience was proud to speak out about her exciting and successful career.

“I’ve been a real estate agent for 35 years and I’ve been primarily doing REO for the past 15 years. I’m very passionate about the industry,” Holt said.

Reflecting on her countless years of experience in the industry, Holt noted she is always on the go, and ready to tackle any real estate deal she can get her hands on.

“I’m actually on the road right now going from property to property. I love to be active,” said Holt as she emphasized her non-stop and relentless work ethic.

Even though she’s been at it for 35 years, Holt enjoys working at her company and loves the REO industry.

She said, “I work for Sydney Davis Realty in Florida and I’ve been with them for seven years now. I am a REO agent, that’s basically what I do unless I get a referral from someone.”

Holt continued to describe her passion for the REO industry and the clients she serves on a daily basis.

“My company is mainly known for REO sales. I am a hard working REO agent and I enjoy working for Sydney Davis Realty. This is my life and it’s great,” Holt happily stated.

Force member James Roberts excitingly shares how he has become a top player in the industry. Discover how he continues to maintain success and grow his business in a challenging and changing area of New York. Don’t miss out on this inspiring interview. 

Source: James Roberts, WNY Metro Roberts Realty in New York, 716.891.1710, metrorobertsrealty@yahoo.com

Never Stop Growing: James Roberts Shares Why Expansion is the Key to Success

Finding and maintaining success in life is undoubtedly correlated with growth. We constantly grow as individuals and many of us have this same attitude when it comes to our careers.

The truth is, nobody wants to remain stagnant, and plateauing in our careers can hold us back from reaching goals. One of our fellow FORCE members stays true to this testament and his successful business reflects it.

Even though he is a veteran in the industry with years of success, James Roberts, a broker in New York, attacks every day with a relentless work ethic, which allows his business to grow bigger and better.

“I’m a broker for WNY Metro Roberts Realty in Buffalo, New York. We do real estate sales, property preservation, appraisals, and auctions. We are the one-stop shop for all your needs,” Roberts proudly stated.

New York is called the city that never sleeps for a reason and Roberts applies this familiar slogan to his company.

“Business has been excellent. We’re probably the biggest REO company in the area. We are always working.” Roberts explained.

Roberts continuously emphasized growth is the key to success, and that he has big plans for his company.

“We’re the biggest property preservation company in the whole region. We’re a full service company who has been in business for 25 years. We do it all and we are looking to do even more,” he said.

With confidence in his voice and the success to back it, Roberts happily stated how he loves to work with new clients and develop friendships with them.

“We’re currently trying to expand into some other areas with bigger clients like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We can do everything and hopefully clients will continue to see this,” Roberts said.