REO Red Book


Do you feel like you aren’t getting the impact you desire from your REO Red Book profile? Use the following advice in order to get the most out of being featured in REO Red Book.


» It is crucial to keep your profile up-to-date.

  • Remember that the REO Red Book is not only a print direc-tory, but also an online directory; where asset managers can search the online version by zip codes serviced.
  • Keeping your profile up-to-date is a must, as asset managers can find you through our site at any time.

» Fill out your information completely.

  • Since lenders, servicers, and asset managers already know across the country, it is the perfect way for them to find you. However, when you leave out vital information you will have less of an impact.

» The REO Red Book Online Directory has tools that no other agent or broker’s directory does.

  • These tools include a place for you to share the number of REO properties you have sold. Asset managers value this information.
  • With the power of the FORCE and the quality of our agents, this directory offers you an opportunity to make a greater impact than any other tool in the industry.