digital media is now vital to real estate


Take a look at our top 5 tech tools for property managers and landlords. These tools will help streamline your workflow and make the lease and rental payment processes paperless. With the single-family rental market becoming a more active market segment, and industry experts predicting this sector to remain strong for the long-haul, we know some of our members are stepping into a property management role to replace some of their declining REO work. Whether managing properties for a client or purchasing your own investment properties to rent, here are a few tech tools to help manage your task flow and income:



• Online property listings

• Your own online rental applications (Create your own and upload them.)

• Your own online rental contracts

• E-signature applications and contracts

• Online maintenance requests

• Receive credit card payments online through eRentPay

• Access to an online forum to ask advice and questions

• Tenant screening


• $12 per month per unit for basic service, including online payments and maintenance requests

• Pay as You Go for additional services, such as e-signature forms and tenant screening



• Software runs in the cloud, so you can access it anywhere

• Promas software adapts to your specific fee structure

• Customizable touch screen inspection process

• Helps users meet regulatory requirements

• Access to support staff and webinars to help navigate Promas

• Designed for management of residential and commercial properties


• License starts at $900 for a 30-unit maximum and go up from there

• Additional fees include annual subscription (minimum $300)



• Cloud-based solutions and mobile app

• One-click vacancy posting syndicates your listing to dozens of websites

• Online applications

• Online applicant screening

• Online leases

• Online rent payment

• Automated late fees

• Online maintenance requests and inspections

• Unlimited users

• Training and support


• $1.25 per month per unit with a $250 minimum

• Onboarding fee based on number of properties ($400 minimum)



• Online rental payments

• Mobile app

• Marketing services

• Support services


• 2.95 percent for credit card payments

• 0.95 percent for debit card payments

• $4.95 for e-checks

• Options available for the resident or property to pay these fees.




• Online rental payments

• Online maintenance and vendor payments

• Tenant screenings

• Rental applications

• 1099 eFiling

• Resident portal to communicate with other residents

• Online maintenance requests and tracking

• Renters Insurance requirements for tenants

• Professional website

• E-signature leases


• $99 setup fee for ePay

• $0.50 per EFT or 2.75 percent per credit card transaction for rent payments

• Extra fees for tenant screenings and tax filing

• Estimate $100 per month for 100 properties