Many of our FORCE agents and brokers have decades of experience serving their local REO markets. ey have a wealth of knowledge, and they are willing to share it. Whether for network- ing, to build business, or as another source of income, FORCE members are sharing their expertise in a variety of ways and bene tting their business in the process.

Take a look at how a few of our members are sharing their pro ciency with fellow residential REO agents, new agents working to obtain their real estate license, and homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure.

Arthur Mays

Realty Among Friends

Teaches: First-time homebuyer seminars, workshops through the city for people facing tax foreclosures

For Whom: Homebuyers and homeowners

How Long: 17 years

Motivation: “I used to sit in these seminars myself when I was a first- time homebuyer, and I said if I got into real estate I would offer these seminars as a way to give back. I’ve wanted to be a real estate agent since high school. I hated boarded up houses, and I knew if you put someone in them, it would help the neighborhood.

Advice for Others: Find out what is going on in your local community. Who is helping homebuyers get properties? Get associated with those people. Also, look outside the field. I’ve done seminars for schools, fire departments, and churches. When you teach a seminar, you always want to have some type of literature to hand out to tell people about yourself. Practice what you are going to say, and prepare an outline. People will ask questions and take you off track, so have an outline to keep you on track. Also be prepared that someone in the audience might pretend they know more than you do. Most of all, try to make it fun. People learn more when it’s fun. Try not to lecture, and don’t forget to smile. “ This is a good way to build up business down the line. If you do a good enough job, people will remember you. They may not be ready now, but two or three years down the line, they may come back to you to be their agent. I’ve had people come to me and tell me they remember me from a seminar two years ago and want me to be their agent. Another thing that happens is people in the class will tell other people about you, and you’ll get business from people who weren’t even in the class.”


Sharon Molnar

Realty World Executive Group

Teaches: Pre-foreclosure Seminars For Whom: Homeowners
How Long: 9 years

Motivation: “I started teaching the seminars as I did not want people to lose their homes. I wanted them to know that there was hope, and they could fight for them through loan modifications and other things. I loved giving the presentations. I love helping people. I wanted them to know that someone cared and would help them fight. Sometimes there was only one person at the presentation. That was okay. We still gave it. Sometimes there were 20 or 30 people there. We stayed until every question was answered.”

Plans for the Future: “I still reach out to people about my seminars. I have built a brochure and enclosed a date and time. I am about to amp up the seminars again as HELOCs are about to start flooding the markets.”

Advice for Others: “My advice is to team up with a legal professional. They can answer the legal questions. They can send people your way, and you can send people their way. There are volunteer opportunities out there. Find them, and volunteer. Do not push your agenda on these, but be a smiling face. Give your card, but do not push your agenda.”


Claire Rene

Paramount International Realty Services

Teaches: Pre-licensure classes

For Whom: Beginner agents

How Long: 2 years

Motivation: “ I’ve been in real for more than 15 years, and I’ve been a broker for 13 years. I really enjoy the training and teaching aspect of being a broker. I enjoy educating and empowering other real estate professionals.”

Advice for Others: “For others interested in teaching, I would tell them, don’t just focus on the very basic information. The theories and the law is important because they need that to pass the exam, but also include real life application and sales techniques. I go beyond the book and bring to light things I encountered in the field. Also, try to motivate your class. These are adult learners who are leaving work and leaving behind their families. They’re sacrificing a lot to be here, so make them feel it’s worth it. Also, try to get feedback to improve your sessions.”

Additional Instruction: Rene has taught business classes, such as organizational management at a local college.


Orrin ompson

Real Estate West

Teaches: Continuing Education for HUD, Fannie Mae, and US Bank

For Whom: Residential REO agents and brokers

How Long: 5 years

Motivation: “It was a mandate from HUD. I didn’t have a choice. HUD needed us to teach other agents how to do the contracts. I have enjoyed meeting other agents through teaching.”

Advice for Others: “With HUD, you have to be certified to teach, and I’m not sure you can get certified today, at least in our region. Things are very tight in our region right now, so it is very difficult to get in with anybody. You just have to keep trying.”