It goes without saying that real estate professionals have a lot on their plates. We’ve gathered the 10 best tech tools to help keep you organized and get you through your day.


WHAT IT IS: A mobile CRM for real estate agents.

WHAT IT DOES: Organizes all your transactions with deadlines, contacts, and more.

HOW IT HELPS: GoConnect was designed by agents for agents. It’s sleek, intuitive, mobile, and has a place for all the information you need for each property or transaction—people involved, inspection dates, closing dates, etc.

FEATURES: The “Today” screen shows you all your tasks for the day. Just swipe to the right when you’ve completed a task. If you want to push something until later or tomorrow, just swipe to the right instead. If you’ve made a mistake, shake your phone to undo your last action. When you click on a task, there are all the people involved. ere’s a house icon that shows you all your transactions, organized by where they are in the process. ere’s a “+” icon at the top right where you log in new tasks. Four options pop up: “New Listing,” “My Listing sold,” “Buyer Contract,” “Post Closing.” Choose the applicable one, and type in the information, including the address and all the people who will be involved in the transaction.


WHAT IT IS: A web-based service that connects your various devices and accounts to automate tasks.

WHAT IT DOES: Connects all your wifi connected devices to perform tasks based on “if this, then that” statements.”

HOW IT HELPS: IFTTT lets you create your own “recipes” to automate nearly any task that involves
a connected device. It can save you time in both your personal and professional life and simply make life more comfortable. “If it’s 9 p.m., turn on the porch light.” Using GPS on your phone, you can tell IFTTT to set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature when you reach a certain point on your commute. You can also use it to sync files and social media posts, update your schedule, and remind you of daily tasks.

FEATURES: IFTTT can connect nearly any online network or appliance, including Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, the Nest Learning ermostat, GPS on your smart- phone, and more.


WHAT IT IS: An audio slideshows creator.

WHAT IT DOES: Allows you to create slideshows of still images with accompanying audio on the spot anywhere with a few clicks of a button.

HOW IT HELPS: SpeakingPhoto is great way to showcase your properties, make company announcements, or send a descriptive message to a client. Create a polished, telling marketing piece in just a few minutes.

FEATURES: Choose just one photo or a selection of photos, and hit record. You have 30 seconds to share your audio message. SpeakingPhotos can be posted on social media or sent in a text message. Use it to promote a listing publicly or to share an audio/visual message with a buyer, seller, or asset manager.


WHAT IT IS: A business card app.

WHAT IT DOES: Scan, save, and exchange business cards without the clutter of little paper cards.

HOW IT HELPS: Cuts down on clutter, keeps your contacts accessible and organized anywhere you go.

FEATURES: With Camcard, you can batch scan your paper cards and get rid of them. You can now access all your business contacts anywhere you go, and you didn’t even have to type them into a database yourself. You can also create your own e-card to exchange with other tech-savvy professionals at your next networking event. If you’re interested, you can even receive company news alerts from your contacts’ companies.


WHAT IT IS: A group scheduling tool.

WHAT IT DOES: Helps teams of people schedule meetings.

HOW IT HELPS: Doodle cuts down on the back-and-forth emails and text messages about whom can meet when.

FEATURES: With Doodle, you send out a simple calendar survey to find out whom can meet when. See when everyone’s schedules align, and set the meeting. It’s as simple as that.


WHAT IT IS: A mobile offer app.

WHAT IT DOES: Helps you submit offers quickly—in less than five minutes—and easily so your client won’t miss out on a home because of a delay in offer submission.

HOW IT HELPS: Not only will your client never miss out on a home due to a time lag in completing and submitting an offer, but you also save time and prevent errors with the help of NuOffer.

FEATURES: With plenty of safeguards and automated settings, NuOffer does the math, inserts the address and list price, and makes sure you have the dates correct—you won’t accidentally set a closing on a Sunday because NuOffer won’t let you. You can sign the document on your mobile device, and your client can do the same. You’ll have a record of when and where your client signed.


WHAT IT IS: A password manager.

WHAT IT DOES: Stores your passwords in a secure vault in the cloud

HOW IT HELPS: You don’t have to remember a long list of passwords for all your accounts; you don’t have to spend time trying to remember whether a particular password included a password or ended with a number. You save time and mental energy while still keeping your information secure.

FEATURES: Drag and drop your login information into folders, and access them when needed. You can also share certain passwords with specific individuals. And LastPass has the added benefit of being free.


WHAT IT IS: An electronic signature creator

WHAT IT DOES: Allows you and your clients to sign documents electronically from anywhere

HOW IT HELPS: It makes the signing process easier, faster, and more secure while cutting down on paper clutter.

FEATURES: DocuSign has a special product just for real estate agents and brokers to deliver secure, compliant documents quickly from anywhere.


WHAT IT IS: A note taker app.

WHAT IT DOES: Captures, saves, and organizes your notes.

HOW IT HELPS: No need for sticky notes, and cumbersome notebooks where you jot things you forget to read later. Make a note or snap a photo of a note, and store it for later. Access it from anywhere on your smartphone; find it later by searching for keywords, and share it with anyone else any time.

FEATURES: Evernote not only searches by keywords for notes you’ve typed, but it also searches the handwritten notes you’ve captured with your camera.

Google Voice

WHAT IT IS: A telephone service with call forwarding and voicemail transcription.

WHAT IT DOES: Transcribes your voicemails so you don’t have to.

HOW IT HELPS: You don’t have to listen to a voicemail two or three times with pen and paper in hand jotting down notes and phone numbers.

FEATURES: Your voicemails can come to your email inbox typed up and ready for you to peruse and respond.