Ed Delgado, President and CEO of the Five Star Institute, visited the University of Texas at Austin School of Law at the end of September for the 51st Annual William W. Gibson, Jr. Mortgage Lending Institute. This two-day conference brings together professionals from different housing sectors to discuss pertinent topics including recent developments in Texas legislation, foreclosure best practices, lender issues, and mortgage loan modifications.

Delgado delivered an insightful keynote presentation titled “U.S. Housing Market Trends: An Insider’s Perspective.” According to Delgado, “The patterns we see today in the housing market include some troubling signs.” His presentation focused on the root causes of the most recent housing crisis and recognizing market indicators to avoid the creation or burst of another bubble.

Delgado argues that safeguards have been implemented, like the installation of the CFPB and tighter credit controls, to ensure upcoming housing downturns don’t evolve into a nationwide meltdown like the crisis of the previous decade.

“At its core, the financial crisis of the previous decade was fueled by greed and unchecked market exuberance, but a different atmosphere and attitude toward lending exists in the mortgage industry today,” Delgado said. “Now the market faces a threat of a different kind. Recognizing the current indicators that could spell trouble is vital to ensuring policies are put in place that protect homeowners.”