Competition is steep in real estate, and to be successful, it’s important to stand out among the crowd. While not necessarily new to the housing market, video marketing is being used in all sorts of innovative and creative ways that go further than just listing tours. Many other video techniques can drive traffic to your website, inform your clients, or just raise awareness of your brand, and can be produced simply and inexpensively.

Client Interviews

Clients enjoy hearing from others who are or have been in their position. Shooting a quick client interview about how the process went can help answer questions, ease fear, and prepare your buyer for the coming process. This type of video is fairly simple because there will be no script needed—only five to ten questions to ask the client. A static video such as this is simple to edit and shorten as needed since there are no action shots to line up. This video is also fluid marketing material and can be used on social media platforms, for website content, or as an email link.

Live Question-and-Answer Sessions

These videos can be done on a webinar host such as GoToMeeting. com where guests can sign in and ask questions that can be answered live by clients, your team, or other professionals. These videos can then be saved and distributed like an informational video.

Buying and Selling How-Tos

Ideas like what renovations bring more resale value, which paint colors are most universally appreciated, and the pros and cons of new appliances are invaluable to home buyers and sellers. Simple step-by-step videos can boost social media participation, website traffic, and exposure throughout the community. There are important steps to remember when producing any professional video. These steps not only help ensure that your video turns out properly but also save the creator from hours of wasted time and effort.

Setting the Stage

Before any video is shot, it’s important to prepare. This could be as simple as writing down a list of shots you would like to use in a tour or organizing a few interview questions. Think about what message you are trying to communicate. How do you want to communicate it? Will this be a humorous video or strictly informational? Will the shots be still or have movement? These are questions that should be answered before you begin filming. Any scripts should be written out completely, and shot ideas should be described.

3, 2, 1, Action!

When you are ready to begin shooting your video, keep things like lighting and shadow casting in mind. Natural light is always best and can help prevent shadows naturally. When shooting, remember to record every shot multiple times, which will eliminate reshooting time.

Making it Great

Be sure to give your video a catchy title with a compelling cover image. Viewers will only click on a video that sounds appealing and interesting. The video should also include an invitation for viewers to act on something, known as a call to action. Your call to action should be strategically placed and create a sense of urgency to act with your viewer.

Video marketing is a great way to demonstrate your company’s unique personality and skill set, a perfect outlet for exposure within your community, and a great way to connect on a new level with your clients. Let your creativity and personality shine through, and your viewers are sure to appreciate your work.