FORCE members have demonstrated boundless dedication to their clients and the industry by participating in continuing education and going above and beyond to serve their clients and their field.

Unfortunately, many Americans may not view real estate agents as a trustworthy group, according to a survey by Choice Home Warranty, which reported 67.5 percent of Americans say they don’t trust real estate agents.

Perhaps that is why many homebuyers do not find their real estate agents online, despite the fact that most of these homebuyers start their home search online, they do not find their real estate agents there. They tend to find agents through personal connections, according to the National Association of Realtors, which reported just 10 percent of buyers and 4 percent of sellers find their agents online.

This month, we reached out to some of our experienced members to see how they build trust with their clients and in their communities through volunteer work or other means.

Naveen Sharma

Four Point Realty

I think what most buyers want is someone who can understand what they are looking for in a new home. You have to understand what their requirements are regarding purchasing a property. You have to do constant follow-ups, so they feel the person they’re working with is looking out for their best interest.

Never mislead a client because you want to make a sale or a commission. That can backfire into legal issues for misrepresentation.

It is important not to misrepresent facts. Once you build trust, buyers and investors understand you are looking out for their interests.

Edward Grammar

Premier Properties, Inc.

To build trust with clients, I do a great deal as far as showing them the basics of the business, so they understand that we know what we’re doing and that this is not something that is new to us.

Asking questions is important. It gets them to realize our main concern is their needs. The questioning process keeps them involved with what we’re talking about, and they feel their interest is our first concern.

My main source of volunteering is with an organization called Chemo Buddies. We sit in the room with chemo patients, so they aren’t there by themselves and have someone to talk to and to wait on them. We raise all our own funding; no one is paid. We supply patients with all kinds of snacks and drinks, and if they need a pillow or blanket, we get it for them. We keep electric blankets for them because many of them get cold.

Sharie Moore

Keller Williams Realty

When first meeting with clients, I make sure they are approved to purchase a home. Then I meet with them and make sure they understand how to purchase a home and establish what their needs are. If you do your work right, you get a lot out of it. I usually get referrals and listings from former clients.

Nicholas Verdi

Option 1 Realty Group

The way I build trust with my clients is I always do what I say I’m going to do. My word is very important to me. That’s all about honesty and integrity. You should under promise and over deliver. Do what you say you’re going to do by the time you promised or before. Punctuality is important.

In my community, I volunteer coach for a lot of youth sports, helping kids occupy their time in the right way. I’m also involved in some cancer fundraisers.