The tradition of giving your buyers a gift after closing goes back decades, but today’s agents have differing opinions of the best gift ideas. Most agents can agree, however, that gift giving to buyers is an art, and should be approached delicately and sincerely.


Agents agree that when gifting to buyers, there is potential to accomplish three main goals: gratitude from the buyer, memory of the agent, and a chance for referrals.


Be Original

Take advantage of your opportunity to show your client how much you appreciate them picking you over all the agents in your town. Try to listen and recall details of past conversations with your clients to get some insight on the perfect gift. If your client has just moved into town with children, make a welcome basket with games, snacks, and quick dinner ideas for the family. If the family’s new home has a pool, monogrammed pool towels would be a good idea. Make your gift stand out and display your gratitude. Gustavo Molina Jr. with Keller Williams Preferred Realty in Westminster, Colorado says he enjoys sending personalized Cutco knives for his buyers, as does Analia Bortolo of Keller Williams Silicon Beach in Culture City, California.


Good Doesn’t Mean Expensive

The best gifts that one can receive is a gift that is thoughtful and considerate. There is no need to spend a lot of money on your clients’ gifts. Handmade signs, soup and cookie mixes, and home decor is always appreciated and can be bought on almost any budget. Throwing your buyers a surprise housewarming party with their new neighbors, or a surprise going away party at their previous address is comparatively inexpensive, and can make a great impact on your current, as well as future clients.


It’s not About You

Remember, the reason for this gift is to display your appreciation to your client, as well as to help them to remember what a great job you did as their agent. Don’t make the gift too much about you or your company by branding your gifts. They know you gave it to them, and a client is highly unlikely to keep a clock with your company’s name all over it on display. Listen to your clients throughout the sales process, and try to get an early idea of the type of gift they will like. For instance, if your client is a recovered alcoholic, a bottle of housewarming wine may not be the best choice. Keep in mind your clients’ lifestyle, and base your buyer’s gift from that perspective.


Top Ideas for All Buyers

If you are having trouble coming up with a great idea for your buyer’s gift, these ideas will help ease the tension, and create a lasting effect. • First Night Survival Kit This kit could have games, movies, snacks, drinks, or anything you can think of that might be useful for the first night in a new home.

• Relaxation Kit: This is a great gift for the clients who had a bumpier time than most. This could mean that the closing process was longer than usual, or the movers were a day late. This gift of bath salts, bubble bath, soft music cd, and wine could be just what your buyers needed.
• Smart Home Technology: It may be just one simple addition such as a nest thermostat, but your buyers will remember it. Fun technical gadgets are a fun, cost-effective, and trendy gift for almost any client.
• Local Gift Certificate: These are great if your clients are moving to a new city. It can be difficult to find sources of fun and entertainment in new surroundings, and a gift certificate to a local spot could be what’s needed to break the ice.

Whether a simple homemade treat or an elegant piece of decor, your gift should always be thoughtfully constructed with each client in mind.